Ultrasonic Portable Mini wind meter

Ultrasonic Portable Mini wind meter

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Miniature, Bluetooth, Battery powered ultrasonic anemometer.

Small and robust, get instant wind speed and direction….or track it!

Stylish product made by design-obsessed engineers.  

Built with ULTRASONIC sensors, with no moving parts to make it robust and dependable, the Ultrasonic Portable is a wind meter that measures both speed and direction, allowing data logging via a free app.

A miniature wireless ultrasonic anemometer and wind vane for water-sports. (Kitesurfing, Sailing, Dinghy, Canoeing and Buoys)

With just 43 mm diameter the Ultrasonic Portable MINI is a fully handheld, complete wind instrument. Its size makes it an ideal stand-alone wind meter of great value on a wide range of industries and applications. Sturdy but elegant construction for optimal durability and joy.

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Easy / Simple mount, easy to use 

The Ultrasonic portable MINI has a female thread (1/4″) perfect to be mounted on any tripod.
For those who want to see/read data while using Anemotracker App, the phone adapter is the solution. A tiny accessory to put in the headphones hole there is in any Android phone.

Check our mounting accessories: mast mount, mounting poles, tripod adapter….

Get Anemotracker app for free!


Despite the multiple apps available, we do provide a free app: Anemotracker. Anemotracker will connect to your Portable and provide you with:

– Apparent wind speed and direction

– Real wind speed and direction (if used on a vehicle or boat)

– Track your wind data and export via excel or Google Earth.

Upgrade the latest firmware version from the App-This new add-on will let the user to upgrade the Ultrasonic Portable to the latest firmware version from Anemotracker app.

Wind direction adjustable damping

Velocity Made Good calculations

New derived data: stylish graphs with Means and deviations

–  Configure the units of measure: m/s, km/h, Kt,

–  Threshold alarm, direction offset, map mode, etc…

ZERO cable tolerance: Wireless and Battery Powered

  • Wireless Charging QI- thanks to its bluetooth connection, the Ultrasonic Portable Mini can be recharged on a wireless charged pad connected via USB to the power.
  • No data wires, but connectable to your network: its bluetooth connection avoids the hassle of wiring it to a display. Still, if you want to connect the Ultrasonic Portable to a display or network, you can use one of our gateways: the NMEA Connect Plus gets the Portable Bluetooth signal and converts it to a wired or NMEA0183 or NMEA2000 signal. It also relays the Bluetooth signal and casts NMEA0183 data via WiFi.


Wind Speed: Range: 1-25 m/s or (1-40 m/s – extra cost), Resolution: ±0.1 m/s at 10m/s

Wind direction: Range: 0 – 359º, Accuracy: ±1º

Sensors: Ultrasonic transducers (4x), Sample rate: 1 Hz,

Power: Battery powered (150 hours autonomy)

Charging: Wireless charging QI

Bluetooth: Version: 5.1 Range: Up to 50 m (free space)

Firmware: upgradable via bluetooth

IP Code: IPX8 protection grade (10 meters )

Dimensions: Diameter: 43mm, Height: 47mm, Weight: 78grams

Easy mount: Tripod mount – female thread


Ultrasonic Portable Mini Wind Meter Data Sheet 


NMEA Connect PLUS Gateway

Mast mount

Aluminium Pole

Carbon Fibre Pole


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